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    Can I develop a media player in Director?

      I want to develop an application (a media player) where you could choose and play video and music files (stored at the computer). I want the user to be able to fast forward and rewind these video or music files as she like. It is really important that you could hear the actual sound go fast when a music file is going fast forward or rewind.

      Do you think that I could use Director to develop this media player? Or do you know an other program I could use instead?

      I'm very grateful if someone could help me.

      Best regards from Beeeaaa
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          ytlevine Level 1
          I've done it for videos.
          Never really worked on it further, but it's a simple matter to add music playing.
          Just keep in mind that the user has to have the codec for the video on their computer - Mpeg Advance Xtra solves some of that for Mpeg1.
          The fast playing is simple.
          Just keep in mind that you need a basic grasp of the program and Lingo coding.
          You can also use Windows Media Player - it does eveything you need.
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            Beeeaaa Level 1
            Hi again,
            I've tried to make a Director application which uses QuickTime player to play a video file. But when I push the fast forward and rewind buttons, the video isn't going that very faster and most of all: you can't hear the sound going fast or backwards!!!! If I use the original QT player, you can hear it, but not when it's inside of an Director application. Why is this? Can I change it so I can hear the actual sound go fast or backwards???

            (I can't use the QT player by it self since it seems that I can't change the user interface of it as I want.)