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    Reload the stage

    lanceb88486234 Level 1

      I have a page where I use parallax side scrolling. Basically it is very limited and the images only move a bit to give the impression of 3D. I've used an 'onMove' java script on on the Stage compositionready and  mousemove so that as the viewer moves the cursor left or right the images shift a bit. The viewer can move about a bit and click on a transparent hotspot over a sign midpage that opens a symbol that is a semi opaque overlay with text with links to my other pages.  . I added an 'onMove=false' to the transparent hotspot so that when the viewer clicks on the action the background freezes (ie I disable the parallax side scrolling). I've also added a 'hide' for the transparent hotspot when it is clicked so that it doesn't interfere with the new links that appear on top of it.


      I've also added a hotspot to the semi-opaque overlay that is outside the text links so that the viewer can click outside the links and  return to the initial images and the overlay and link texts disappear. Basically clicking anywhere outside the text links makes the overlay and text links disappear. Everything so far works great. 


      My problem is that when I click on the semi opaque overlay it disappears along with the link texts but I can no longer preform the side parallax scroll effect and even though cursor changes to show there is a link for the transparent hotspot over the sign, clicking does nothing. I would like the stage to return to the functionality of when the page loads without reloading the whole page again. I just want the overlay and text links to disappear and the whole site to return to  the initial set up so that the viewer can move the images with their cursor and the transparent hotspot will once again activate the semi opaque overlay and links reveal.


      Is there code that I could added to the semi opaque hotspot that will do this?