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    Freeze Frame - Screen Shots Not Frame Requested


      When I try to make a screen shot--either by using Freeze Frame or Export, the frame I get is not the same as the one I want.


      For example:  I cue up frame 12018 and the frame I get a jpg of is frame 12024 (6 off).  To get the frame I want, I have to cue up frame 12012.


      If I cue up frame 25057, the freeze frame I get is 25069 (12 off).


      I've tried 2 different projects and had the same results.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What model of camcorder is your video from and what is the video's format and resolution?


          Which version of the program do you have and on what operating system?


          When you first add a clip of this video to your Video 1 track, do you see a yellow orange "render" line above the clip along the top of the timeline? This render line indicates that your project settings do NOT match your video specs, and this could be contributing to your issue.