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    Remote Object external server  path

    nikos101 Level 2
      I'm rather new to this CF and remote objects stuff :(

      If I run a .swf on the server with a remote object source = "server_path.mycfc"

      what would source be if I was connecting to an external server at say www.mysite.com? Would it be

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          Ratsnackbar Level 2
          It is going to be the path to the cfc starting at the root of the site to the CFC unless there is a ColdFusion server mapping that overrides it. However I have not tried this using mappings and I hear from others it does not work well.

          So lets say you had a cfc that resided in this folder starting from the root of your site


          The source would be com.mydomain.cfcs

          And the destination would be ColdFusion (unless you had a need to configure a different destination in the XML files on the server.)

          So to answer your question more exactly a fully qualified domain name such as www.mysite.com simply points to the root of your site. The Source then states starting from the root where is the CFC I am wanting to talk to.

          Where it gets confusing is the habit of CF developers to place all their cfc's into folder paths using the Reverse domain name like the above {siteRoot}/com/mydomain/cfcs/.

          If you were to see this exact path in a server log however the way it might look would be


          Of course you will never see that in a log because of the nature of cfc's but the point is to show how the path / source works.

          Hope that helps