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    Beware of Adobe stock scam!!

    samgielow Level 1

      Adobe tricks customers into signing year long contracts that they must then pay a large fee to get out of.

      They offer you one month for free but neglect to tell you that you will then be charged 30 dollars a month for the next year.

      But don't worry, you can contact the Adobe support team and get jerked around for 45 minutes, directed to non existing support members, and inevitably told to shove off because your customer satisfaction doesn't matter.

      It is hard to understand why a company with such great products resorts to such cheap measures to rob consumers rather than let there products speak for themselves.

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          Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

          Hi Sam,


          I apologize for the troubles you have faced with your subscription.


          I also understand that you have had a terrible support experience but if you can help me with the case reference number for your interaction with support, I can help you with the resolution.




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            samgielow Level 1

            There are several. I don't care to spend anymore time being jerked around. I will pay what I "owe" and move to another company. Thanks anyway tho, I do appreciate it.

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              mayab2 Level 1

              They got me too! I thought Adobe was better than this. I signed up for the free trial thinking I would be charged $29.99/month after the free trial ended. After two months and only downloading one image, I went to cancel and was shocked to see I had to pay a $158 cancellation fee. I had no clue I had signed up for a yearly contract - no yearly amount was ever listed. It was advertised as having "risk-free cancellation".

              I thought customer service would quickly fix the situation but they told me the best they could do was give me two months free but I'd then have to continue paying the monthly fees for 8 addiotinal months. He wanted me to pay $250 for a service I don't use, he kept pushing this and saying it was my best option. And if I didn't remember to cancel the subscription in 12/2017 I would be charged for another year. That's the solution he gave me. Thanks but no thanks.


              Be very careful when giving your credit card information fo to Adobe!

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                factxback Level 1

                If you think you got screwed by them watch out for their shopping cart with a hair-pin trigger. Today I accidentally clicked on a $250 dollar image and it ran my credit card just for clicking on the size "small". It charged me immediately and support refused to realize that it was an accident. There were no "order" buttons, "confirm order" "I agree" just click on the size and BAM they charged $25 plus tax. There has to be grounds for a class action suit. I am sure many people have been slammed by them and not helped to cancel the order. Lets hope the credit card does the appeal right.

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                  Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

                  Hi factxback


                  Thanks for contacting our support team.  They have escalated your case and you will be contacted when they have an update for you.


                  Kind regards



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                    This just happened to me 10 minutes ago, too.  I signed up for the "Free" 10-month trial of photo Stock and I was just charged $160 to Cancel it. I Chatted with 'support' and they coulnd't help me, said if I had to 'contact Adobe before cancelling' or some nonsense .. Hell, I didn't even use but 5 images anyway ...


                    Chat Transcript

                      Tshendup: Thank you for contacting adobe membership services.

                      CW Why am I being charged $160 to cancel a 'free' trial of Stock images for one month ?

                      Tshendup: Can you confirm me with your phone number?

                      CW: ?

                      Tshendup: Just to verify.

                      CW: why do you need my phone number ? i am using my adobe account already.

                      CW: Why am i being charged 160 dollars to cancel something that was a free trial ?

                      Tshendup: Okay its fine.

                      Tshendup: Please allow me 1-2 minutes to review your account details.

                      Tshendup: While I look into your account I can see that you are under annual commitment monthly billing

                      CW: Yes just for Photoshop and Lightroom.

                      Tshendup: And you have cancel after your trial that's why you are charge cancelation fees.

                      Tshendup: before canceling if you have contact adobe I would have help you.

                      Tshendup: But now in this case I cannot take any action.

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                      Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

                      Hi r0kh3d73

                      You signed up for an annual plan where the first month is free and you can cancel risk-free within the first month.  The support team will follow up with you regarding your plan.








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                        signamigo Level 1

                        Agreed. This is really terrible business practice. I got scammed too.

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                          r0kh3d73 Level 1

                          See, that's the whole problem - this "You signed up for an annual plan where the first month is free and you can cancel risk-free within the first month" idea did not seem like it at the time of 'purchase'.


                          Perhaps I had too many drinks that night, I don't know, but it if was obvious that this was going to happen then I most certainly would not have signed up. In fact, when the credit info screen popped up the first time I actually cancelled it because I knew it seemed fishy, but then went back to it a little later because I needed some images for a project.


                          I have been skeptical of this whole Creative Cloud subscription service for these very reasons.


                          But you are telling me it's my mistake so cool. Keep my 160 bucks, Adobe. Use it to pay a weeks salary for your 'support team' that is obviously outsourced.


                          I am going to cancel my Photoshop and Lightroom subscription service as well. I paid for PS/LR in advance for the full year and the first month just went by - will I get a refund for the rest of the year or will you take that money too ?


                          Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try your competitors products.  Without this terrible business practice I wouldn't have thought about it before. I have already purchased both Affinity Photo and Designer and will be purchasing Capture One as well. My employer has been using PS and Illustrator for some years now; subsequently I had been championing Lightroom to them for the past year. I will be discussing with our IT department about changing to other products, thank you.




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                            r0kh3d73 Level 1

                            And let me add that it cost me less than Adobe's BS cancelling Fee for BOTH of the Affinty programs.


                            If you are a Windows user they have a version of Designer for you and a version of Photos is in Beta right now. Might be out now actually I don't know but check it out. You will enjoy it.


                            And only have to pay once....

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                              tiktiktiktiktiktikt232423 Level 1

                              I Have been a paying customer for a couple years and went to cancel my membership and am now being told I'm in an annual contract and must pay $150 to cancel. I told them I never gave my consent for it to auto renew into another annual plan. Their response is that "they send an email before it renews and it could have gone to spam mail". This seems to be a Sketchy way to conduct business. I feel like there should be a consent form that I have to sign and send back each year otherwise it should not renew. But what do they care as long as they get their money. I now see why they switched to a month to month subscription based payment plan. Beware of their annual contract and know what you are getting into.