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    A jagged edge (saw tooth) on objects?


      I've been ok with business cards, flyers, invoices, letterheads in indesign (cs4). I'm attempting to put together a web site at Wix. In indesign I created some bold color lines. The edges which are black bold (played with thinner and non) when uploaded to Wix have a jagged saw tooth edge.  I used pdf out of indesign then on mac changed it to jpeg which they accept,but get the jagged edge. I opened ( placed ) the pdf file into illustrator and created a png. with transparent and white back ground. They too have the jagged edge ? I changed the resolution in illustrator from 72,150 and 300 ppi. anti-alias is checked. Still get the jagged edge in Wix site.


      in indesign the line looks good, but if I click on the object I can see the jag (barbs,saw tooth). It goes away when I deselect the object then then reappears at Wix



      Any suggestions to get rid of this jagged, sawtooth edge?  Thank you.