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    Assign value to list box selections and calculate sum?

    rsbisa Level 1

      I've created an interactive ID document for export to HTML5. It is working great and I'd like to add one more feature: calculate the values of several separate list box selections.




      ListBox1>     Red (value, 1)

                          Blue (value, 2}    

                          Green (value, 3)


      ListBox2>      Dog (value, 1)

                             Cat (value, 2)

                             Bird (value, 3)


      If user selects Blue and Bird, I want a separate text box to display "5" (ListBox1 + ListBox2).


      First, is this even possible? If it isn't, I'll move on to other features.


      If this is possible, can you steer me to a good resource to grind through process of developing this script? Note, I've done well with interactive PDF script for similar projects. So, even though I'm an imposter scripter, I'm convincing.