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    Histograms still slow after 4 years. HELP!


      Histograms generate slow in the library mode. I should have a choice to turn off this feature. This slows down my workflow and needs to change.


      I have tried everything: smart previews, 1:1 previews, setting cache size to 100GB...buying a new computer (MB Pro 2016 Touchbar with 4GB Radeon 460 GFX Card) .nothing speeds up this process.


      I am a professional and I store my photos on an external drive. I have zero....use for histograms in library mode. The reason I use library mode is to flag and star my photos....but the "loading" process of the histogram means that I cannot effectively sort through a set of photos.


      There should be an option to turn off histogram generation in library mode.


      People have been complaining about this issue for 4 years now. Fix it.


      Thank you.