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    indesign css detail


      I would like to ask about indesign output epub some of the skills, we use their own production of css files to correspond to the style in the indesign transfer mark (because indesign generated css no em this unit), so I can be accurate (Indesign will automatically output the table using css, but will not use the "%" to the unit), so my choice is not to use (for example, the indesign is not used for the table css) Indesign to help me produce css, so I have to set the table and td style I want to specify the css style class. Will table css style there are no other ways to solve?

      Is there a possibility that css preferences are adjusted for the style of indesign? For example, I can specify every css style in the paper style, not as it is now set up after it can not be changed, but indesign help me to produce a style after I can do for their own needs to make changes.

      Epub e-books can be used in a variety of vehicles, fixed pixel font size is really difficult to make a variety of vehicles look very comfortable.