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    Flash Lite using Flex?

    justria Level 1
      Do we have a Flex project template, which generates Flash Lite apps?
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          I'd like to resurrect this unanswered inquiry. Can we create deploy Flex apps to the Flash Lite (.sis) platform? Adobe is making a big deal of Flash Lite but there is zero mention of Flex in relation to Flash Lite anywhere. In my business community, developers are interested in building RIA for business apps (medical, sales, etc). They are not interested in "flashy" movie-oriented apps based on scenes. It's _very_ hard to get people to consider Flex for business apps because all they see are game and social apps built with Flash/CS3. TIA
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            CaptainStarbuck Level 1
            I could be answering my own question. I've found some comments on the topic in the Flash Lite forum here and here It would be nice to see more comments on this from others interested in business apps vs games. I'll post a note to those threads to keep these topics linked.
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              JeffryHouser Level 4
              Last I heard, Flash Lite does not support ActionScript 3, so therefore no Flex.

              It was announced at Adobe Max that Adobe was working on optimizing the full Flash Player 10 for mobile devices. Recently a few announcements have been made that Nokia devices / Pre will support Flash 10.

              FP10 on mobile devices will be the answer for "Mobile Flex Apps".
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                CaptainStarbuck Level 1
                That does seem to be the latest word. Unfortunately this means the Flash Lite Developer Challenge won't be including too many business-oriented apps, unless people are going to write them using Flash. IMO, that's sort of a shame. (As mentioned in a response I just posted to thread 1253565) I really don't think Flash is the right tool for business RIA development, Flex seems much better suited to the task.
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                  Yes, that is weird. I have been developing Flex applications for quite some time and was excited to find out that there is Mobile FLash Player which can run my apps. But as it turns out Flex apps don;t run on Flash Lite.


                  What's even more weird is that Adobe is not coming out clearly on this. I see Flash Lite being advertised everywhere but no mention of the fact that it does not integrate with Flex.