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    Photo Accepted, then Rejected


      I am pretty new to the stock photo world, but I had a confusing situation with a recent upload. I received email updates about my recently reviewed files, and found that one particular image had been both accepted and rejected (technical issues). The emails came 7 minutes apart, with the rejection following the prior acceptance. It is currently listed as rejected on the Adobe Stock site. Has anyone had similar issues? Is there a way to find out which judgment was correct, or get a second opinion? In case it helps, low quality photo below, File ID# 137636738.

      Emily Sunset.jpg

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          MatHayward Adobe Employee

          It isn't common but it can definitely happen. It appears the file was approved by mistake. The moderation team caught the error and corrected it. You receive notifications of all changes during the moderation as it happens so you received contradicting review notifications. I apologize for the confusion.


          For an unsolicited critique...I would recommend resubmitting the file without the funky color processing. Natural colors are ideal as generally designers prefer to add their own post-processing special effects to match their project exactly. Processing images like this severely limits your list of potential buyers and almost always will result in rejection upon review.


          Kind regards,



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            petergilson Level 1

            Hi Mat,

            Thanks for the info. Since the rejection reason was cited as Technical Issue, do you think the color was the problem? I guess I was assuming that the large bright area was the problem, but maybe I'm wrong. The colors are actually pretty true to life, though maybe a bit over saturated. I suppose I might try toning it down and resubmitting.

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              MatHayward Adobe Employee

              That would be my guess. The color of the sky looks very unrealistic in my opinion.


              Good luck!



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