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    'Missing Soundtrack' - annoying problem


      Hi guys,


      I've been using Premiere Clip for a few months successfully and have noticed a few glitches recently (before this glitch, I noticed that when clicking on the 3 dots next to Lightroom collections, in order to make a slideshow in Clip the show never completes. Just get the spinny wheel of death. To build a slideshow I've needed to workaround by creating it within the Premiere Clip app itself).


      The latest problem is when selecting music from my phone library - a message comes up saying "Missing Soundtrack' - The soundtrack is missing because it was moved or deleted from the device"


      • The music files are 100% on the device.
      • The files play when browsing through the playlist/artist/song tree on the Replace Soundtrack menu
      • Message comes up when 'adding' a file.
      • I have signed in/out of both LR and Premiere Clip several times
      • Have deleted and reinstalled both apps
      • Have deleted and reinstalled music library
      • Have performed a fresh install of the entire iPhone with new software update


      I still have the problem and it's driving me crazy.


      Anyone else got it, or have a work around?







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          petergaraway Adobe Employee

          Hi Andrew,


          I haven't seen the Lightroom issue you've described but I'll look into. Thanks for the report.


          As for the missing audio issue. We see this come up from time to time but it's very unreliable. Please try these steps to resolve the issue. Let us know if it solves it for you.


          1. Sign out Clip and quit the app

          2. Launch Clip and create a new Adobe ID from the Welcome Screen

          3. Within the new account, create a new project and attempt to add a song from your iTunes library – If a song is added successfully, sign out of current account and sign back into Clip with your primary Adobe ID and attempt to add a song from your iTunes library.




          Peter Garaway