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      Why can't I see any of my photos for sale that have been approved for sale and also none of my photos approved for sale dont have any view.

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          MatHayward Adobe Employee

          I checked your account and see that you have 3 files online in your portfolio. The view stats are essentially irrelivent. I would focus more on adding new content and increasing the size of your portfolio. Consistent uploads and effective keywords are the way to increase visibility and ultimately sales.


          Good luck!



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            brianm79468412 Level 1

            Mat, thanks for your response on Lucas' question. I have a similar question and this is just for my own curiosity. How can I see how many times my images are viewed? It's not a useful stat but I'm just curious.




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              CinBrandon Level 1

              Agreed. It would be nice to see how many times items are views. No, a view is not a sale, but an item has to be viewed before sold. And if you see certain types of your items are being viewed more than other, you can focus in that direction when creating new content.