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    [F8] Problem with scrip when targeting player 8

      When I target the flash 8 player my scripts wont work and I cant figure out why. Here is what I have (forgive me if my explanations arent up to snuff)

      On my tracker button

      on (rollOver) {
      startDrag("/tracker", true);

      On my first frame

      mover = getProperty("scrollingobject", _x);

      On my second frame

      mouseh = getProperty("/tracker", _x);
      mousev = getProperty("/tracker", _y);
      if (Number(mousev)>325 and Number(mousev)<348) {
      movevalue = (Number(movevalue*5)+Number(((mouseh-320)/-12)))/10;
      setProperty("/alert", _visible, true);
      } else {
      movevalue = 0;
      setProperty("/alert", _visible, false);

      On my third frame

      mover = Number(mover)+Number(movevalue);
      if (Number(mover)>1250) {
      mover = 0;
      if (Number(mover)<0) {
      mover = 1250;
      setProperty("/scrollingobject", _x, mover);

      Basicaly the text scrolls right and left in conjuction with the "tracker" button. I learned how to do this from one of the flash kit files that I will try and locate.
      But the problem with this is that it only works in the flash 6 player and I need to target the flash 8 player

      Any responce would be great.

      P.S. My fla can be found here

      http://www.myapartmentbar.com/F8prob.fla http://www.myapartmentbar.com/F8prob.fla">http://www.myapartmentbar.com/F8prob.fla