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    Hover Over, Mouse In and Out?

    soahss Level 1

      I have Excel and really like how the comments work.  I hover over with the mouse and the comment pops up.  Move the mouse away and the comment goes back down.


      Is it possible to do something similar in Acrobat Pro DC with (or without) javascipt?  Keeping in mind that I know just enough about javascript to be terrified of it, no lie.  Tried it on a stand alone creation and make just one little type and I am there for hours.


      My next choice would be reluctantly clicking on a url (in place of the hover over) then having the link open in a new smaller window which then goes down by hitting the escape key.


      What I want to do is to build a pedigree similar to allbreeds, make a pdf, then create links that will popup.  As an example, go to their webpage, and type in a name of a horse, for instance QR Marc.  Clicking on a pedigree name goes to other branches, and the javascript at the top tells the story and shows an image.  Keep in mind I am not very good at javascript and am an outright failure