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    Legal ?-Using Adobe Stock to create composite Fine Art Photography


      I have been experimenting using Adobe stock to create composite or collage images that I am then turning into tintype photographs.

      It's an interesting process but my concern is that a few galleries are interested in displaying and selling these creations and I want to have a solid handle on the legal issues that may arise.  If I were to print and sell the final pieces, I would do limited editions of 15.  I'm also interested in making a fine art book at some point if I continue in this vein.  Currently I have licensed all the images I have used with just the standard license...not the extended that Adobe offers.


      Can someone let me know if my usage of these various images with the standard license is still legal if I decide to sell limited edition prints?

      Or...make a book and sell that book?


      Please keep in mind that the final image is a physical tintype (made out of metal and chemicals) using a negative that I have digitally created using Adobe stock imagery. 


      I am happy to give original credit for each element of each image used to the original creator. 

      (Adobe published a tutorial on using stock to create composites that this artist uses for editorial I think....but no mention of licensing parameters was mentioned)

      Create a digital collage with Adobe Stock |


      Below are two stock images I licensed and the final tintype image I created using those licensed images...

      Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 10.30.32 AM.png

      Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 10.29.55 AM.png