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    Development Questions

      Hi all,

      I've been searching and reading and am still a bit confused and need some guidance. I've read about different things you can do with Air and Flex and gone through some tutorials, seen some of the old Flash MX tutorials using Flash Media Server, and read some tutorials about php sockets. I have NO idea which way would be the best way to accomplish what I'd like to do or where to start.

      Objective: Build a multiplayer card game with text, audio, and webcam chat capability
      History: My grandparents and I used to play cards together almost every night before I went off to college. They just got a webcam for their computer. I'd like to make the game along with webcam/chat capabilities so that we can still enjoy the game as well as the social aspect of seeing each other while playing.
      The Problem: I've not kept up with the changing software and am now completely lost. I'm proficient with Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, javaScript, XML, ASP, php, mySQL... but I haven't touched Flash since FlashMX (and even then it was relatively simple timeline type stuff) and (other than the tutorials) I've NEVER used Air or Flex. I do not know how to accomplish my goal or what the best approach would be.
      My Questions:
      Can someone point me to a good (recent) tutorial?
      Does anyone have any book recommendations?
      Which technologies should I use to develop this application?
      What are the pros/cons of the different technologies?