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    ID CS 6 don´t work after using Extension Manager,then he required ID Vers. 8.1


      ID CS6 dont work after using Extension Manager,no it required ID 8.1 to run many Modules with end: *.rpln (look at pictures below)
      PS and Illustrator dont failed, they work, but after run the Ext. Manager ID would require many Ext. modules for V. 8.1. ;(


      I Get throgh the Tips in The Help, change the User Admin, cut the Files with the Plugins, but nothing help!

      It´s seemed to be a Problem of the Update, i think while 8.1 Version is a CC Version, the Base damaged by the Update over E.M.

      On my Laptop to my Luck I dont let this damned Tool run and there runs ID complete ok!

      Here is the Picture of the Errorwarning, after this come many others, i had to answer about 16 Windows before closing and ID never starts!


      Here comes my Questions;
      Is it possible to take back the Changes of the Extz. Manager? and how this could be done?

      Must I deactivate the CS 6 Installation and put it again an my Disk without E.M.?


      Look forward and thanks for real Help, greetings from Germany, H.W. (System: Win 7- 64 bit)adobe problem.JPG