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    Sync problems with Photoshop


      I have created brushes and patterns in Adobe Capture on my phone, I can see them in my library on the assets web page. The problem is that on Photoshop I can only see the first one I created. I've tried to create a new library on he web and move them but it gives me the message that it will take a while and never moves them. Is there a way to force Photoshop to sync the libraries?


      PD. I have the latest versions of both Photoshop and Capture. Photoshop runs on a laptop with Windows  10 64-bit and Capture on an Android Phone (Nougat version)


      Thank you

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Ampl.


          Sorry things aren't syncing correctly. A couple of things I'd like you to try:

          * First check to make sure you have a good Internet connection for your desktop machine.

          * Then, in the Libraries panel in Photoshop CC, there's a Creative Cloud icon. Click on that and see if your assets load.


          * If your assets still aren't syncing, try closing all your desktop apps, then sign out of the Creative Cloud Desktop App. Click on the CC icon in the menu bar. Then click on the Gear icon. Then Preferences. Then Sign Out. Restart your computer. Then sign back in.


          Let me know how things are going after you try those.



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            piixy Level 1

            Hi Sue I've got the same problem , my capture  brushes are showing in my photoshop CC but they are not highlighted except for one. I tried everything you mentioned above but I can't still get them to work.

            Many thanks !

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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



              I just responded to your in-app feedback (I think what's going on for you is different than the previous poster). Here's what I wrote:


              It sounds like you may not have saved your brushes as Photoshop CC brushes. Try this with one of your brushes:


              Go into Capture CC and choose one of the brushes that's greyed-out in Photoshop CC

              Tap the edit icon (square with a pen); that will open a visual list of brushes

              To use the brush in Ps, make sure you've chosen a "Ps" brush (tap the circle to check it) and Save.

              As soon as it's saved as a Ps brush and has a chance to sync you should be able to open it there.


              Let me know through the in-app feedback if you're still having trouble.



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                ampl43110085 Level 1

                Thank you very much for your help Sue, I haven't notice the Creative Cloud icon. It worked perfectly!



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                  Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



                  Perfect. Thanks for letting me know.