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    Problems with AdvancedDataGrid with TreeDepth 3


      Please take a look at a tree grid to display data in 3 levels
      I donot know how to host swf files, so I have uploaded the project along with source to zshare.


      If you see the swf, it doesn't look good and the data displayed is not readable.

      I am stuck with a few problems here:

      1. The advanceddatagrids at depths 2 and 3 have 6 rows by default. So even if there is only one row to print the grids are showing 6 rows. How to change this?

      2. I am not sure what should be the value of columnIndex for the renderers AccountGrid and SiteGrid. Could you suggest what I have to do so that the data is shown as an easy to understand tree structure.

      3. "Citibank Mortgage Chicago" is printing in two columns(). I guess its because the main grid is rendering the <name> tag of <Account> and even the AccountGrid is rendering the <name> tag of <Account> tag. Is there a way to prevent "Citibank Mortgage Chicago" from printing in the 'Group Name' column without changing the tag from <name> to <gname>

      4. How to hide the leaf icon getting displayed in the first column?