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    Social Media use of photos


      Dear all,


      I work for an UN organization which is considering to sign up to adobe stock photos with the aim of posting them on our social media channels.

      However, the terms of use for your photos on social media are not very clear to us. Therefore, I would like to kindly ask clarification on the following issues:


      1. If our number of followers are higher than 500,000 in a given channel (Facebook, for example), can we still post an adobe stock photo with a standard license there?


      2. One of your terms says: "You may use the asset in print, presentations, websites, and even on social media sites. However, you may not distribute the digital asset by posting it online or in any other way that would let other people use the asset without licensing it themselves".

      I found it controversial as users from social media channels can easily download the photos they find on those channels, and we cannot control that. Could you, please, clarify?


      3. Even if we sign up for a creative team monthly plan, we have to pay extra for premium photos, right?


      4. If we modify the photo by, for example, creating a visual with a quote, with the image as a background, but adding elements to it (text, graphic elements, etc), do we still need to add the copyright and website address on it?


      Can we post the photo in all social media channels? (Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, to name a few)?


      Thank you in advance!

      Kind regards,