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    Photo Rejection: Technical Error?


      IMG_1160.JPGWhat is the technical error with this photo? I can't work it out.

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          I am just starting out on Stock myself, and have some questions about some of my rejected images as well. And in at least a couple other cases, I know what they are talking about, but don't really agree with the issue they are stating.


          Your image may be one of those. The only thing I can possibly think of is that perhaps Stock is complaining about having cut off the cat's ear, or perhaps the out of focus paw in front of the lower portion of the face. Now for me personally, those are not objectionable traits of the image - the critical things, like exposure and crisp focus on the eyes all look very good to me. I would not have an issue with this image at all, but I am just guessing at what Adobe might possibly be complaining about.


          In my short time posting to Stock, I can already see that there will definitely be images that I think are perfectly fine that get rejected. I think your excellent image above may fall into that category. I DO wish they would be able to be more specific about exactly what the problems are. But I suppose the amount of time that they have available to spend on each image simply doesn't allow for that sort of specific feedback.



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            RBChauDavis Level 2

            Hello again,

            As near as I can tell Technical Error refers to composition issues.  They give only one reason so that the out of focus paw may have also caused rejection but the composition disturbed them the most.  Your composition drives the viewer out of the image instead if into and around to the different features.  The trimmed ear is one spot that leads the eye out.  The images around the face, soft focus, lack of interesting detail take up a lot of image space without contributing to the overall image.  For me I am forced too close to the cat's face and want to step back, perhaps see what the cat is interested in.  This feeling of being too close also forces me to look away from the picture.


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              jenmoo Level 1

              Thank you for the input