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    Use Smart Previews instead of Originals - does not work

    Peter Svancar



      i copied raws from camera to my SSD disk. Imported them from the SSD to lightroom and created a smart previews.

      When i use zoom to 1:1 it firstly load the zoom to 50% and after it is created fully, it loads the 100% again with waiting.

      So it is very slow even on SSD.


      Next what i did was, that i renamed the folder where my original files are and restarted LR.

      After open, LR shows on pictures that there are only smart previews available.

      Now the zoom function is lighting fast, no loading at all. Same for other processing tools.


      I double checked if the function Use Smart Previews instead of Originals is ticked ON and it is..so i renamed the folder back to original and the problem returned.


      Therefore i guess, that this feature is somehow not functional.


      Any idea how to fix?



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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          After you renamed the folder Lightroom no longer had access to the original files. It only used the Smart previews. There are a few limitations in doing this. For instance, if you are using just the Smart previews with no original raw files you cannot send the image to Photoshop. Lightroom must have access to the original file in order to integrate with Photoshop or any other external editor. When you changed the name of the folder back to its original name Lightroom was then able to access the original files. Smart previews are used until you decide that you need to zoom in on the image. Then Lightroom switches to the original raw file. If it is slowing down then you have a performance issue with your  computer. You should try turning off GPU acceleration in the Lightroom preferences to see if that helps.

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            Peter Svancar Level 1

            Thanks for your response, i do understand what you trying to say.

            Regarding the issue, here is short video of the problem.

            LR poor performance.webm - Google Drive


            turning the GPU ON/OFF doesnt make any difference.

            On the video, you see CPU on 100%, but I do not believe that my computer bottlenecks it somehow, because in the past it was running ok.