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    random grey boxes


      Hi there,

      I work for a small third party travel agency, we create roadbooks for our clients and other sorts of documentations. I print the PDF files on a Sharp MX 5111N PCL6


      Unfortunately at random there will be a grey box that prints right over the text or picture. Sometimes there isn't anything where the grey box is. You cannot see the grey box on the file before it's printed, and if you reprint the file or just the page where the grey box was the print will come out correctly with no grey box.


      The issue is this happens so randomly, I cannot recreate it.


      I use a Dell Windows 7, I've tried using a different computer to print the books and after printing about 40 books I've found a grey box on 1 of the books.


      The IT person at the company I work for doesn't know what it is, and the company that services the printers have no idea why this is happening either. I'm really at a loss with this situation.



      Any help would be appreciated!