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    Transitions don't work in certain areas of the score?

      Has anyone experienced areas in the score that seem to be "dead" in terms of transitions?
      I am using Director 11 and doing basic montage animations with pixel dissolves between (essentially a slide show).
      Every now and then, some frames in the score refuse to implement a transition. The playhead just ignores it, even though it processes any delay I have set. If I copy the frames and past them to another place in the score, everything works fine. It's almost as if the score develops "dead spots"....

      Any ideas greatly appreciated.

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          I'm guessing that its a memory problem. You are probably filling up all of the available memory in making all of those dissolves. You could add an unload command to force Director to release some items from memory. When Director finds that it has no available memory for the next screen that you want to show, it begins the process of removing things from memory, but its not instantaneous. So if you help it along by telling the movie what to let go of, your movie should play more smoothly.