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    Closing a Projector

      My company has made some CD's that have an application made using Director MX 2004. If we take the CD out of the CD drive with the application running, the application freezes up and locks the PC. We would like this action to automatically close the application. Is there anyway we can do this and how?

      Also, these CDs have 5 flash movies imbedded into them. The size of the executable file is about 360 mb. When you insert he CD it loads all 360 mb onto ram and then opens. This obviously takes a very long time. What can I do to have it "stream" off the CD so the application loads much faster?

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          Removing the CD from the drive - It depends what the application is actually doing (ie how it is communicating with the cd/how it loads etc) but the easiest and most robust way would probably be to remake the projector so that it copies an exe to the comp's hard drive and then runs from that. Or you can make an installer using InnoSetup.

          Loading faster - Again it depends how the project has been made, but generally speaking you can have links to the external flash files rather than embedding them in the exe - there would probably be a bit of lag when each one loads tho. Google for making a stub projector too, that could reduce loading time. Other than that it is just a case of going through the project and seeing where graphics/video/sound can be compressed down further or things can be re-arranged or removed to save space.