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    How do i use variable frame rates when doing a project in Premiere elements 15 without jerkiness or jumping

    jasperthesiamese Level 1

      Good morning

      I am trying to do a new project in PRE 15 and a lot of my clips are different frame rates, see below

      Some are with a Nikon D3300, another is with a Sony Cybershot and the other is with an iphone

      So when I put the different clips onto my timeline they are jerky

      See below for what it looks like on my timeline

      Clip one is the 50FPS, clip 2 (middle clip) is the 29 FPS nad the right one is the 25FPS


      These are the settings for my PC

      These are my settings if I start a new project

      Please could anyone help?

      Jilly Lowe