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    My request for the next version


      Hi Adobe XD Team,


      I've been using adobe xd for a couple of days. I'm a UI/UX Designer based in Philippines and this product made me a lot easier to design web projects.


      I have few request base to my experience in using this product:

      Saving Status - When i'm saving my current project it so hard to distinguish whether my project has been saved or not.

      Prototype Scrolling - i have a design with a custom height for example i used web 1366x768 artboard but my current project is longer than the original height. so when i click desktop view, the rest of my design at the bottom is hidden so it's better to have a scrolling feature to the whole art board.

      Open UI Kit - it feel strange when i click one of your startup kit.  it will open to another adobe xd application and the issue here when i want to drag one of the elements for ex: Material Design footer to my current working project, it didn't reflect to my current working project.

      Gradient - need to add this also. not of all my projects have only one color.

      Default Font - when i use text on the left sidebar i want to have my default font style history. like if i already put Roboto style in my current project. and i clicked again the text, the current font style i wanna see is roboto not the default "Segoe UI". maybe you can find ways to fix this for ux

      Blending Options - is it possible to have this on adobe xd? sometimes i use some the the Photoshop blending options on images.


      this is all for now.

      i hope this will include for your next version. btw, great ui/ux for the rest!

      I'll wait for your next update. Cheers!


      Jelo de Vera,

      UI/UX Designer