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    Creating Interactive PDF with animations and media - no compatibility




      Before I decided to write here I`ve run through multiple forums and tutorials and I still have problem with creating interactive pdf that will  work with animations and audio/video files.


      I`m using Indesign cc 2017


      I`ve created PDF with audio/video and navigaton buttons and it worked perfectly. I decided to add some animations ( frames/pictures showing up or flying onto page).


      I started form simple thing like taking each animation, exporting it as .sfw file and then put it back to the indesign.  Problem was that if for example file was moving,  whole space that it @ came from@ was left white, so some of the file was hidden under it, or there was white rectangle showing up outside of file.


      i`ve tried method where you export each page seperatley into .sfw file, then put it back to Indesign  and add audio/video - problem was, that audio nav bar juped to the front or back ( even if it was at the top in layers) and nav buttons didn`t work ( I tired to export them with .sfw and I tried to add them later in indesign, and in pdf it just started to blink and didn`t work).


      I also tried to export whole file as .sfw, then turn it into pdf via Acrobat IX Pro. When I didn`t add media it worked perfectly, but after adding media file with resources to it, on pages where animation and media were together, animation showed up just as a white rectangles, and media didn`t show audio menu ( if audio was set to start at the page turn it played, but still no menu for it).


      I searched for solution for few days now, I tried a lot of different things, so I really hope someone will manage to help me here thank you so much.