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    Dragging particles around with mouse?


      I have a character with a frying pan as an extension of his arm. I have him shaking the pan, but need the food in the pan to shift around and then get flung into the air and caught back in the pan. I am trying to figure out if there is a way I can drag individual particles (different pieces of food) while recording to make this action. Any pointers would be so very appreciated!

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          El Wombat Level 2

          To move particles around: The particle behaviour is not needed for that. If you are talking about simply moving a particle, you can of course create a sublayer of a puppet, maybe of the pan, and give it a plus "+" in photoshop or press the crown symbol in the puppet panel in ChAn. Then you would probably select the origin point of the pancake (or whatever it is) and tag it "draggable". Please note that draggers "like" to interfere with each other. ChAn will move the one that is closest to your mouse input. (You could also just add a "dragger" instead of assigning the origin handle with a "dragger".)


          With a pancake, you might want to add some dangle handles on the sides, so as to make the thing flap around while getting thrown around, just as an example, for I don't know what you're cooking… ;-)






          You could also use a PNG cycle that you define in Photoshop or create a Tween Motion in Animate.

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            oksamurai Employee Moderator

            Stefan is right - Making an independent group like "pancake", stapling it to the pan, and setting the attach style of the pancake to free should allow you to drag it in the air. at 1:31 in this video it shows the robot with a free arm, which at first will move with it but then can be dragged off freely: Adobe Character Animator: Preview 4 Overview - YouTube