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    Using PS library/API instead of COM object during development process


      Hi all,


      I am developing a web app which is using Photoshop for rendering images in the background, but I am facing some issues. Let me explain an overall situation.


      Basically, I am trying to implement some kind of image personalization. The main point of the app is having an opportunity to select some .jpeg image on the UI corresponding to the .psd file that Photoshop uses to generate a new image. This .psd file has several layers (let's say name, surname) and the user should be able to enter manually his name & surname and get the personalized image with entered data.


      The app has been developed in C#.net and I am using COM objects to run the Photoshop.

      The scenario looks like:

      A user fills out the form and clicks on the submit button. In the background, Photoshop is running and take appropriate .psd file and updates dynamic name & surname layers with entered ones and finally returns back to the user a personalized image. This works, but ...


      The main issue is due to security. If I want to run the Photoshop I need to be logged in as an administrator.

      Besides that, rendering many images is taking much of time.

      Furthermore, I need to have strong hardware configuration on the server, which is very expensive, but nevertheless, Photoshop randomly crashes down.

      I've been researching on the internet for some library or even the API I can use for this purpose, but no success.


      I would like to avoid using Photoshop because of all the mentioned issues.


      Could you please tell me if you perhaps provide some .dll/library/API which can handle this mentioned case.


      Thank you in advance.


      Best Regards,