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    Images look oversaturated on other devices after export


      Hello, total newbie here.


      I work on a windows desktop, Once I am happy with my edit and export my image, it saves it as JPEG and makes it look similar to my edited photo in lightroom. However, if I email it and/or open it in other devices (phone, tablet, laptop) it looks extremely saturated and simply WEIRD.

      I tried installing lightroom on my laptop (also windows) edited an image, exported and emailed. Same thing happened/.


      When I change the export settings to Adobe RGB 1998, the issue is solved, but the image quality decreases?





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          thedigitaldog MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          IF another application isn't producing the same color appearance (specifically at 1:1 in Develop) then it's not color managed and that's why there is a mismatch. Saving as sRGB isn't a guarantee of a match without the other application being color managed:


          sRGB urban legend & myths Part 2


          In this 17 minute video, I'll discuss some more sRGB misinformation and cover:

          When to use sRGB and what to expect on the web and mobile devices

          How sRGB doesn't insure a visual match without color management, how to check

          The downsides of an all sRGB workflow

          sRGB's color gamut vs. "professional" output devices

          The future of sRGB and wide gamut display technology

          Photo print labs that demand sRGB for output


          High resolution: http://digitaldog.net/files/sRGBMythsPart2.mp4

          Low resolution on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyvVUL1gWVs

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