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    The size of the object is transformed to a decimal number.

    yongseokc3282772 Level 1

      hi, I would like to get help with Photoshop issues.


      Sometimes an object(rectangle, ellipse, type, smart obj ...) has a size specified in decimal.


      I do not know in which case this is happening. In this case, there is a problem that the outline is blurred.





      I always resize the object by entering the number directly. So I do not know why this is happening.


      Because of this, I always check the size of all objects once I have finished working.


      Is there a way to solve this problem?

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Are your Photoshop units always set to pixels or may it be set to some other setting.  Is the number you enter  always a number of pixels or may it be percent that is relative to document size or a unit like inch, cm, mm a number relative to resolution or points or pica.  Also some layer a vector layers and other are pixels layers some thins like styles do not have and pixels the are rendered effect  smart object layer normally are resize like pixels layer there are exceptions like a placed AI  files are  vector smart object. Thing resize differently.  If you resize a 1 px  stroke how it will resize depends on the stroke.  Is it a vector or pixels item if it a layer style stroke is the style being scale or not.


          The resize should be the correct size the quality of the resized image is not a constant.