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    Why is my id rejected?



      I just joined adobe stock and would like to sell my stock photos. But my ID keeps on getting rejected and I don't know why. I do use the same name as the Id in my account. Is there some kind of support available? I don't seem to find any link on the page.




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          MatHayward Adobe Employee

          Make sure you aren't mixing up the name listed on your Adobe ID as the name listed in your contributor profile. The ID card is being confirmed with your profile. To change it you must sign into the contributor portal and click the "Contributor Account" link at the top.


          Other common issues that result in ID rejection...


          Must have a photo

          Must be government issued

          Must be a legible scan (not too small or out of focus)

          Date of birth must be visible and show you are at least 18 years old

          ID must not be expired

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            I think Adobe is ridiculous about the ID.  I have sent in my drivers license which has all the required info but they keep rejecting it. I'm only trying to upload some images for possible sale. I think they are being overly cautious....