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    The Kulerists: Matt Hepworth

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      Matt Hepworth. Just the name brings a sense of top-tier on kuler. He has one of kuler's highest rated and most popular themes - ever - Firenze, and many, many more high-quality works.

      But who is he? What does he do?

      Searching "Matt Hepworth" brought up one result from Eastern Washington University.

      "Matt Hepworth, Graphic Designer


      B.A. Graphic Communications (1999) Eastern Washington University

      Introduced to computer programming in 1996, Matt originally pursued nanotechnology and GUI design as part of a contiguous interest during college. Realizing his strength had always been in graphic arts, Matt began his career as a web designer after graduating from Eastern Washington University. While learning the basics of HTML, ColdFusion and ActionScript, his interests became more weighed solely in design. In 2000, Matt joined University Marketing and Communications as a web/print designer.

      Job Specifications:

      * Design department-related publication projects
      * Create and design concepts for external marketing projects (Puget Sound seminars, advertising, EWU campaign)
      * Create illustrations pertaining to any marketing projects
      * Assist with photography assignments
      * Assist Web publishers
      * Facilitate graphics and photos for Good Morning Eastern Web site
      * Special Web projects (Perspective online, Homecoming, Tech Initiative, Music Department, online catalogs, etc.)
      * Create ad design concepts for external marketing
      * Manage pre-press functions for projects assigned
      * Scan artwork and photos needed for pieces"

      So this is Matt. He obviously is one of kuler's best, as the innumerable downloads of his themes have shown.

      I'll be also profiling a ton more: Pepper and Kalika are among the slated people.