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    Custom page sizes "corrupts" itself


      I recently created a bunch of custom page sizes for different magazine ads and so on in InDesign CC 2017.0 (Build


      However, the page sizes seem to "corrupt" themselves.


      Skjermbilde 2017-02-22 kl. 17.06.40.png


      For instance, as the 7th line I originally had created the page size "BV 1/1s" (indicating the magazine called BV and a 1/1 whole page size). However, when I selected it, instead of showing the correct width of 220mm and height of 297mm, it showed a width of 0,219mm (or so) but correct height. (It might have been a height of 0,296mm and width of 220mm, I don't remember exactly).


      It didn't work to try to change the size to something else, so I decided to delete the page size and create the size again. But then, the page size "BV BG-1/8s L" decided to change to:

      Width: 0,042mm (should be 90mm)

      Height: 60mm (is correct)

      Skjermbilde 2017-02-22 kl. 17.13.10.png


      When I then tried to change this to the correct values and selected page size, I get this error message:

      Skjermbilde 2017-02-22 kl. 17.17.37.png

      Translated to English: Cannot create the selected page size. The size of the document page has to be between 1 and 15552 points. It is also possible that columns and margins are too large for the selected page size.



      I have the following questions/theories:

      1. I have used slashes '/' in the page size names. This might have something to do with it, as InDesign saves this somewhere as a txt/xml-file or something similar, which might use these as escape characters?
      (If this is the case, though, this is a bug which should be fixed as it is possible to save page names with slashes).
      I haven't bothered to try to delete all the page sizes, and create them again without slashes, as it's quite a tendersome job, and it might not even work if the cause of this issue is something else (which is why I posted this here).


      2. Is it possible to edit these page sizes manually in some kind of txt-file or system file, as I've read was possible in versions before InDesign CS5? This would make it much easier to bulk add a bunch of custom page sizes, and also much easier to propogate the settings to a bunch of different InDesign installations and users.


      3. I can't find a way to re-arrange the page sizes, other than deleting and re-creating the page sizes in order manually. Is this really the case? I would consider this a very basic feature.



      Thank you very much for your help in advance.

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          > I have used slashes '/' in the page size names.


          My guess be that it's the use of the forward slash. Avoid those and try again.

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            Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Hi Mathias,

            were the problems showing up immediately after creating the document presets?
            Or "only" after you restarted InDesign?


            I tried to recreate the bug with my German InDesign CC 2017 on a German OSX 10.10.5 and I failed.

            Could also be a local problem with your InDesign preferences perhaps…


            Or it's a bug with your localized InDesign version.



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              mathiaspedersen Level 1

              Hi Uwe, and thank you for your answer.


              I honestly don't remember for sure if I restarted InDesign, but I don't think that I did. The problem started to appear very shortly after I created the page sizes. However, I closed/opened a few documents and the 'New document' pane a couple of times.


              I'm running Norwegian (Bokmål) InDesign CC 2017 on a Norwegian (Bokmål) macOS Sierra 10.12.3.


              I'll try to create the page sizes again without the forward slash as suggested by Steve Werner, and hopefully that fixes the problem. If not, I might try to reset my InDesign settings, even though that would be a huge annoyance...

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                Hi all,

                I have the same problem and I have tried to name the sizes with spaces without spaces with "ä" and without.

                Nothing helps!

                The Adobe support says no problem with my file and that it must be a problem with another software, that change the xml.


                I have no idea and don't know where to start looking, so I think I have to live with this problem.


                If anyone has an idea I would be very thankful for that.