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    Dragging objects, won't release


      InDesign CC 2017

      Mac OS 10.10.5


      Problem: After I click to select an object in a document in order to drag it to another location in the same document, when I release my finger on the mouse, the object does not release. It keeps floating and moves wherever I move the mouse. I end up having to force quit ID. I've tried using ID after quitting all other apps and the problem remains, so it doesn't seem connected to other software. Anyone out there have this problem?

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          Randy Hagan Adobe Community Professional

          I've had this problem on occasion myself.


          In my case, it was a hiccup thanks to my wireless Apple Magic Mouse -- you know, the one that you can set up like a two-button mouse with a scroll wheel even though there are no buttons on it at all. I do production with InDesign near-every day and the problem drove me nuts! It caused me the same misery moving selections with Illustrator and Photoshop too.


          In my case, it was a two-step solution: the first step was a temporary work-around, the other was my final solution.


          1) When I got the element(s) placed where I wanted them, rather than just release the mouse, I first released the "button", then without moving the mouse I clicked the button again. About half the time, InDesign would place the element(s) exactly where I wanted them -- especially if there was a guide bordering or centering the selection when I clicked it into position. For the rest, I'd have to (sometimes) re-select the element(s) and then (always) move them using the arrow keys or by numerical reference through the Control panel using the X: and Y: coordinate edit boxes.


          2) After tossing the Magic Mouse at the wall in a fit of rage, I bought a cheap Logitech Bluetooth mouse. End of problem.


          I recommend using restraint and seeing if 1) works for you. If it does, I'd just buy the replacement mouse, and if it worked for me, I'd then see if someone else wanted the Magic Mouse or save it in a drawer as a reluctant backup. If it doesn't, return the new mouse.


          Save yourself the vandal's rage. I'm not a violent guy, but I was provoked and it put a pretty expensive dent in the sheetrock.