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    Default link styles not working

    mcstampfunk Level 1

      I am on a Macbook Pro with the latest version of Muse CC. When I change text to a link, the text style does not change to a link style. I have seen demos where as soon as you make text a link, it turns blue with an underline. Any changes I make to the default link styles make no difference. What am I missing here?


      Here are my exact steps to test this:


      - opened new file

      - selected text tool

      - clicked and dragged out a text box

      - typed "hello"

      - grabbed selection tool and selected that text box

      - clicked in box next to Hyperlinks in top options bar

      - typed http://www.google.com and hit enter


      At that point, I would expect the text style to change to the default link styles. But it does not. I can preview the page in a browse (Chrome) and the link works if I click it. But there is not a link text style.


      What am I missing?