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    Reader won't open Imm5709E


      HI, A Canadian form I need for immigration will not open, comes up with this message.

      Download the newest version and same message, I got it to work last year by downloading an older version but

      that did not work this year. Other forms open up from the same site.


      Any Ideas, I am on windows, OS 10

      Hp laptop


      Jamie [personal data removed by forum moderator]

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          CtDave Level 6

          The screen capture shows the web browser you use rendering the PDF. Any issues associated with what you have there are something of the browser. So, *download* the PDF file to your computer. Have Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat Standard or Pro installed. Launch Reader or Std or Pro. Use it to do a file | open for the downloaded PDF file. Go from there.

          In sum - don't view PDF via a browser (they use their own in-built PDF viewer) - download to the local machine