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    How to have a flash pop up file?

    ducati1 Level 1
      Hey guys.
      I want to have a button scripted to load a small swf file over the current swf file. For example a button is clicked and a small promo pic comes up. Where can I find the script for this?
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          gausim Level 1
          Hi Ducati1,

          U didnot mention clearly that u want to override ur current swf with new swf or u want to load new swf on some part of ur current swf.

          if u want to totally over ride ur current with new swf, then
          first u give instance name to ur button that u want to click , say "my_Bt"

          and then u can write the code in main timeline frame

          my_Bt.onRelease = function()

          I have given the name "swf_2" to new swf.

          but in this case u ll not able to click ur button again coz it will override totally.

          and if u want to load the movie on current swf , then u have to create emptyMovieClip and then load ur new swf on it..
          Like this

          my_Bt.onRelease = function()
          I hope it will help U..

          Gaurav S.

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            ducati1 Level 1
            Hi and thanks for your reply.
            Yes I want to load a new swf over the top of the main swf, it is to load a little "about us" video when a button is clicked.
            I tried putting in the script you said but have error messages.