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    WB on Flash Nikon D810

    pcsb Level 1

      I've noticed some odd behaviour with Lightroom and raw files from my D810. I have no import presets set so basically import the files as is. I use a card reader to import and the firmware is up to date on camera and LR and ACR are both up to date.


      I use a PC and Windows 10 Pro, 16Gb, i5 quad core,


      I thought I had forgotten to set the WB for the last studio shoot I did as the "As Shot" WB was Temp @ 7100 and tint @ -3. When I checked the camera it had a WB of flash set, which I believe should give a colour temp in the region of 5400.


      I've since carried out a small test and flash WB on camera is definitely giving temp @ 7100 tint @ -3 in LR, checking the exif in exiftool the WB is set as Flash. Trying Incandescent as the camera WB gives temp @ 3000 tint @ 0 in LR which is about right I guess, daylight gives temp @ 5500 and if I set a temp manually on the camera, e.g. 8000 that is what I get in LR too. I get the same results using Neutral or portrait colour profile in the camera.


      Am I wrong about the colour temp of flash? or is this some sort of bug in LR? Anyone else experience this?


      Thoughts appreciated.

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          The white balance data is not stored as a temp and tint in an image. It is a set of data that needs to be interpreted. Different image readers will interpret it slightly differently.

          Since ExifTool is giving similar results as Lightroom in the interpretation, LR is probably getting it right.

          What are the results you get if you use the latest version of Nikon View NX-i ?

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            pcsb Level 1

            Exiftool correctly reports the WB to be 'Flash' not a numeric colour temp. Nikon Capture NX-D also correctly reads the colour temp as 'Flash'. Not the end of the world, just adds another step to workflow remembering to reset colour temp in LR.

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              D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Actually, I can't think of a single instance where I would "trust" the camera white balance. To me, it goes without saying that it always needs to be tweaked a little - even if it was "accurate".


              But that's me.


              For high accuracy you'd always include a color checker chart, and white balance that.

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                pcsb Level 1

                I use a grey card as well as a colour checker, I'd never trust the camera WB either, that isn't the point though.