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    Linking page content to Library Items


      I have several tables and text blocks that I use in many documents. I want to save them in one place (Library?) and use them as needed but be able to update the master (Library?) and have it update the document when next opened.

      I do not see how to create links to library items. Once I place them in the document they are separated from the Library even if it is updated.

      Is there a way to do this? Certainly there must be ...

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          Randy Hagan Adobe Community Professional

          Alas, there is not.


          InDesign lets you select content in an InDesign document and use it to update a Library Item, but it does not allow you to update a Library Item, then apply them to documents where you've already placed that library item. It will apply the update to new documents where you drag out that updated Library Item and place it, but there's no data linking that will let you apply those updates retroactively. Once you drag that item out of the library and place it, it's discrete InDesign element(s) and there's no link or association to the Library panel.


          I wish I had a better answer for you, but unfortunately this is the correct one.

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            warreng144 Level 1

            OK, if using the Library is not the answer then how can I create text based items that I can "link" to so that I can update them in one instance and have them update in all documents where they were used when those documents are opened?

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              Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Hi Warren,

              you could place and link InDesign document pages.

              Do changes in the linked InDesign document, update the links in all documents you placed the document.



              If you want to Publish Online your main documents the placed document pages are rendered in pixels.

              Exported PDFs would be ok unless you do hyperlinks and PDF form fields with the linked contents.



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