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    Can't find extensions on disk

    jacquilynw Level 2

      I'm on a Mac with PS CC 2017 with some extensions/plugins installed. I can go to window>extensions>[name] and the panels appear without any issues.


      But I can't find them on disk. I've looked in the applications > PS CC 2017 > plug-ins folder, library>app support>adobe folder (the one outside the users folder), the users>me>library>prefs, and the users>me>library>app support>adobe folder (sorry for the not exact paths, I'm typing this from a PC). All I've managed to come up with is 2 from adobe themselves (the CC libraries and something else). I have about 5 plugins I installed a while back, and I have to change computers (long story, not optional). I would just re-download them, but one seems to have been removed from online entirely (naturally, it's the one I use most often and saves me the most time).


      Is there somewhere else it could be? Most of the places I listed don't even have an extensions or plug-in's folder, even though websites I was reading were saying the plug-in should be there.


      Is there somewhere else I can check? Is there a way to tell photoshop to just tell me where the code files live?