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    PE13 Publish & Share Disc option just starts wait wheel


      I have recently upgraded (on the same machine) from PE7 to PE13.  In 7 I always burned a disc image and used ImgBurn to burn it to DVD.  However for both the projects I have done in 13 this has proved to be impossible.  Clicking on the Disc option just starts the Windows wait wheel, which will not go away until I exit PE.  No option window appears to let me move to the burning.  One project is simple, three clips, one audio track, an hour in total and it does the same thing when I click on burn as the other five track 2.75hr beast.  I have tried putting a blank disc in the PC burner (though I never burn directly to disc) and that has made no difference.  I can click on the other publish and share options, but I don't think they are going to let me make a "proper" DVD with menus like I have designed.  My PC is Win 10 Pro 64bit, 2.5G Intel Quad core, 8Gb RAM, 250GB free on main HDD, 450GB free on encoding HDD.  Any thoughts greatly appreciated!