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    LR perpetual

    Sights333 Level 1

      Is there going to be further development of LR perpetual or are we all going to, eventually, be forced to make monthly payments to Adobe.

      Extremely good for their dividend payout but not so good for any low income users who are on LR on an, almost, daily basis.

      I'm sure there are many other users out there who would also like to know if there will ever be an LR7.


      Have searched the LR forum and haven't read anything concrete on the matter.


      I don't have room in my income to add another monthly payment, but it seems that all the development is going into CC and perpetual users are being left adrift without even a smell of the smallest lifeline.


      A straight and honest "yes" or "no" would be very much appreciated - but not expected. 

      One can only hope

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          Randy Hufford Adobe Community Professional

          I would encourage you to be supportive of Adobe. Adobe is NOT just the bottom line. If Ansel Adams had these tools for only $9.95 per month, He would not even hesitate. Do you want tools from 10 or 20 years ago or do you want tools that can progress your talents and craft? You said you use these tools everyday?? We need to be supportive to make sure we always have the best in our tools and solutions. I hope you can see that we need to be supportive of Adobe and help Adobe to come up with new solutions.

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            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You need to understand that this is a user to user forum. Although some staff members contribute here occasionally, for the most part we are users like yourself. We don't have any insight as to what Adobe's plans for the future are. But even those who do know what is planned for the future are under nondisclosure agreements preventing them from giving out that information. So the only way you will be able to find out what is going to happen is to wait  until it does happen. Then you can make your decision.


            Personally, I think the $9.99/month photography plan is a superb offer. For that amount of money you are assured that you have Adobe's latest technology  in both Lightroom and Photoshop. When you consider the cost of paying for upgrades of standalone software, the cost for the Creative Cloud Photography Plan is only marginally more expensive than keeping Lightroom up to date. And the bonus for that is that you have the latest Photoshop as well.


            Some users comment that they don't want to be doing their work "in the cloud". That isn't what the creative cloud is all about. It is simply a delivery system. All of the software is installed locally on your computer. The work that you do is stored locally on your computer. The creative cloud is primarily a delivery system to give you updates whenever they become available.

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              Sights333 Level 1

              Thanks randy, but you have just, very firmly, avoided answering my question. This is what I'm trying to avoid. If possible, I would like someone from Adobe to answer.

              I'm not trying to be controversial, just want to get some answers if that's at all possible.


              As for Ansel Adams, in his own words, he would try to do everything on location and in camera. I doubt he would have taken a great interest in the artistic licence we afford ourselves today - and look what he achieved!

              Unfortunately, I not close to Ansel and am stuck with computers and enhancing software such as LR - which I love.


              As for being supportive of Adobe? I buy and use their products.


              Fortunately, I am free to express myself and ask reasonable questions, without trying to keep everyone happy, but not trying to upset anyone either : )

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                Sights333 Level 1

                Thank you Jim for a sensible and informative answer.


                I take your point re the nondisclosure agreements, and the costings you mention may make sense, but I am "old school" and want the privilege of being able to buy software that I install and have no more outlay.

                I may not need every upgrade, and sometimes have not taken them as they don't do anything new for my purposes.


                I will have a closer look at the maths, but I don't think too many users have ever tried to live on a non negotiable budget - it makes a difference.