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    Need help with a short Illustrator Script


      Hello Illustrator Scripting Community,

      I'm searching a long time for a solution with a short Illustrator Script. Maybe you can help me.

      If you have any idea how to solve my problem via "actions" I would also bei very happy.

      The following I need to do.

      1. Open several Files each by each in Adobe Illustrator (this is also possible with actions)

      2. Select all graphics inside of the file (this is also possible with actions)

      3. via the Panel "Links" I need to use the function "embed picture(s)" (this is not working to record this part for an action)

      My question ist now. Is there any other way to get "embed picture(s)" into any action recorded or do I need to have a Illustrator Scrip which solves the hole three steps for me? If so, is anybody able to write this script, because I have no idea of scripting in Illustrator.

      Thank you very much for your help

      best regards