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    windows phone 8 vast failed adobe download as others Titlewi


      thanks to yall and a visit here awhile back and the efforts yesterday of flash player help and being refered here it would never occured to me both i have adobe & within but knowing i am using internet explorer ie 1.00 which not the proper internet explorer 11 vitally important therefore supports the narraritves false unkown perpetualy convaluted to wit microsoft positions right and wrong which aggrues google and almost every of the multitudes of websites visited daily " unsupported / out of date browser an more "responses in addition what is left of my sainity and very limitted techniqual competency or lack thereof now in good faith an transparentcy trying to not vituperate or show derisiavness towards microsft and present the facts to the best of my knowledge no downloading trouble shooting and litany of failed counter measures beginning with error codes 805a8011 ec 80073cfc ec 80070008 and error code in adfition avalible upon request