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    purchasing license for one month


      HI all.

      can anyone tell me is it possible to install one month license product ( Photoshop and illustrator ) to several machines.

      but this is not using by simultaneously.

      i want to buy this for one month and want to install 4 machines time to time.

      pc 1 for one week. and uninstalling it.

      pc 2 for two three days. etc.

      is it ok.

      does this products gives us a license code ?


      thank you


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          Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

          1. Take care to get the correct product, in your subscription. The cheaper monthly subscriptions have a commitment for one year. You must take the more expensive month by month subscription ($30 per product, $70 for all products).


          2. You cannot just take a subscription for a month. You must take the subscription, month by month, then CANCEL it, or you must keep paying.


          3. There is no license code. Access is based on the Adobe ID that pays for the subscription. The Creative Cloud apps must sign in with the same Adobe ID.


          4. Creative Cloud will make sure you can only have it activated on two computers.


          5. The license allows use on two computers BUT NOT BY DIFFERENT PEOPLE. The license is personal.