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    Index Entries Based on One or More Styles

    Jack Level 1

      Just begjnning to createg the index for my second book, which should appear in the much the same fashion as the index in my first. I am 90+% certain that index entries in v. I were selected based on their paragraph styles. When I now try to repeat that approach in v. II, I am having trouble finding that option. Help page at Create an index in InDesign does not appear to include or refer to it.


      Would one of you please advise if it still possible to arrange an index based on 1 or more paragraph and/or character style(s), thus avoiding the tedium of making a separate entry for each such occurrence in the book. Hoping that the index can be made to contain, in the case of my flowering subject (orchids)entries in two levels,l as follows:


      Genus and one of