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    Acrobat plugin SDK => Find Text => Error: The RPC server is unavailable

    navnathk23503600 Level 1



      While finding text, especially large text, sometimes, it gives me below error:


      "The RPC server is unavailable."

      When I debugged the code, I came to know that error comes at the function SearchExecuteQueryEx.

      Here is my code snippet:

      LPCWSTR secName = convertCharArrayToLPCWSTR(sectionName);
      LPCWSTR arg = L"value";
      LPWSTR searchText;
      DWORD size = 1024;
      LPCWSTR filePath = convertCharArrayToLPCWSTR(iniFilePath);
      //Gets the search text from INI file
      GetPrivateProfileStringW(secName, arg, NULL, searchText, size, filePath);
      ASText searchKey = ASTextNew();
      searchKey = ASTextFromUnicode((ASUTF16Val*)searchText, kUTF16HostEndian);
      SearchQueryDataRec srcQuery;
      memset(&srcQuery, 0, sizeof (SearchQueryDataRec));
      srcQuery.size = sizeof(SearchQueryDataRec);
      srcQuery.query = searchKey;
      srcQuery.type = kSearchActiveDoc;
      srcQuery.scope = kSearchDocumentText | kSearchMarkup;
      srcQuery.path = NULL;
      srcQuery.fs = NULL;
      srcQuery.maxDocs = 1; 
      ASBool ret = SearchExecuteQueryEx(&srcQuery);
      if (ret == false) {
        AVAlertNote("Search text not found");


      It was working previously, I am not getting what is the possible mistake.

      Please help.



      I am using: Windows 7 and Acrobat Pro XI trial version

      Thank you.